Best 5 Online Course Sales Page (7-Figure) Examples

A reader messaged me and asked whether I can show him some great examples of online course sales pages. I almost gave him a “google it” answer… but decided to do a quick look-see for myself. Opened the first few articles and new immediately that I have to write one (thanks teachable’s blog… you were […]

Does an Online Course Business Need a Marketing Agency?

Online education has shown an increased demand and interest over recent years, with the global e-learning market predicted to reach $645 billion in market size by 2030!  However, with so many online course businesses available at the click of a mouse, it’s hard for them to stand out in the crowd and get a piece […]

How to Choose the Best Course Marketing Agency

The need for an excellent course marketing strategy has increased due to consumers’ preference to shop for these services online. Therefore, your online course business deserves a course marketing agency familiar with your sector’s unique requirements and market. However, choosing the best course marketing agency can be daunting. How do you know if they’re the […]

Should You Hire a Course Marketing Agency?

Educators and content creators will spend three years on creating a course without a clue whether anyone wants to buy it.  They do not validate, specify their audience or research what they want.  Then when its time to start selling, and when nothing happens… get stuck. Sound familiar? So what to do next? Let me […]

Qualities of Every Good Course Marketing Expert

Do you need a marketing professional to help you boost your leads and sales? When hunting for a marketing expert to help market your online course, there are a few qualities you need to look for.  Although they may be known as experts in the industry, hiring the wrong marketing expert could be quite costly. […]

How To Sell Online Courses on WordPress

Introduction to selling your course on WordPress WordPress is a leading Content Management System that allows individuals to develop highly efficient websites without prior programming knowledge (, n.d.). Released in 2003, the initial version was tailored for individuals who wanted to create and host basic blogs. Over the years, the software has greatly evolved into […]

How To Sell Online Courses on WooCommerce

Introduction to selling your course on WooCommerce          WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is tailored to provide e-commerce platform service (Nexcess, 2021). The plugin was launched on September 27, 2011, and rose quickly to be one of the most used plugins by high-traffic websites (Perez, 2011). It contains numerous extensions, add-ons, and plugins that […]

How To Sell Online Courses on Wix

Introduction to selling your course on Wix is a software development company based in Israel; it allows the creation of websites and mobile apps by utilizing its highly efficient drag-and-drop tools (Zukerman, 2012). The company has numerous offices in other parts of the globe, such as; Singapore, Japan, India, Germany, and the United States […]

How to Sell Online Courses on Squarespace

Introduction to selling your course on Squarespace          Squarespace is a company that builds and hosts websites; it originates from America (Squarespace, n.d.). It operates under the SaaS cloud computing model by availing its clients a codeless website creation environment (Tapia, 2022). The platform features a huge variety of built-in website blueprints and themes, thus […]

How To Sell Online Courses on Shopify

Introduction to selling your course on Shopify Founded in 2006, Shopify is an e-commerce site designed for retailers and online stores; it offers them the following services; Shipping, Payments, Customer analysis and engagement tools, and marketing (Duncan, 2016).  Despite having its origin in Canada, Shopify competes with other tech giants in the running of global […]