Sam Ovens Skool Review (New Course Platform)

There is a new course platform on the block. I’ve seen a lot of excitement around it on Twitter and decided to give it a go.

It was created by Sam Ovens. He is a popular marketer that was able to scale some of his courses with FB ads by playing a guru role a few years back. His play was to dispute all of the most common knowledge of how to sell things online.

It worked. 

He created a 7 figure business selling high ticket courses on “how to start an agency” and “how to create a profitable course”. 

The most popular one was called the “Consulting Accelerator” and sold for around $2k.

Not bad huh? 

For me, he sometimes went too far playing the contrarian but since it worked I can’t blame him for doubling down on that persona. 

Then he disappeared and it looks like he wanted to create something much more scalable. With the recent 20-30x valuations everybody wants to get into the Saas business. Ovens is no different and with the following he had, it was worth giving it a shot. Especially since course platforms are going public and getting some nice valuations. 

Since the start of the pandemic, many have seen a 2000%+ growth. 

Introducing the Skool Course Platform

The main differentiator with school is that it tries to combine the elements of an LMS, FB Group and Google Calendar in one place.

Sam Ovens - Skool course platform review 1

You can see the layout of that below:

Sam Ovens - Skool course platform review 2

There’s also a form of gamification introduced via Leaderboards. You can assign different tasks to the students and let them battle it out for top positions.

Sam Ovens - Skool course platform review 3

Another useful function is the ability to track each user’s activity.

Sam Ovens - Skool course platform review 4

This is what the classroom looks like from a students perspective. I haven’t found a way yet to download all of the lessons onto your laptop and take them on the go. Maybe that’s coming or this is supposed to stay online only.

Sam Ovens - Skool course platform review 5

What’s the Price?

The platform allows for a 14 day free test drive. After that its $99 per month.

Sam Ovens - Skool course platform pricing

Is the Skool Online Course Platform worth a look?

Skool is still very fresh but I’ve already given it a spin. Here are my initial thoughts on it and as you can see its a mixed bag. 

Positives of the platform:

  • can easily create different skools 
  • can use Zapier and the Skool webhook to grant access
  • Simple, effective, and a very clean and crisp user experience
  • Gamifies student engagement and rewards with spots on leaderboards
  • Fast customer support
  • Actively adding features

Negatives of the platform:

  • branded URLs not possible
  • Skool doesn’t provide video hosting. You have to use Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, or Loom.
  • Only 2,000 characters limit for a description of a course
  • lack of proper payment processing
  • no printer-friendly layouts yet
  • English only


Skool is a digital learning platform that offers a variety of courses, including online courses, video courses, and self-paced courses. The platform also offers a variety of features, such as a course library, leaderboards, a calendar, and a community.

The platform has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. At the moment it’s still riddled with bugs and has some problems around the payment system. 

Alternatives to Skool

  1. Teachable + Circle combination
  2. Discord + MightyNetworks
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