Stop Educating > Start Selling

In this article, we go back to the basics.

I’ve spoken to enough entrepreneurs-almost-killing-it in the last quarter where I now feel this is a necessary lesson.

A sales funnel is a sales conversation taken online.

It is where you sell.

Not where you show your teaching skills.

That’s it.

Let me walk you through it:

1. You’re scrolling through FB or Twitter. The first job for any advertisers is to interrupt you.

Role of the Ad

– Interrupt the scrolling zombies. Join the conversation. Get interested.

2. You see someone promising you how to live your best life. Wow.. that’s what you want to do so you click. You never knew that living your best live all boils down to just one simple thing… but they need your email first to know where to send the goodies.

Role of opt-in page

– Look professional. Clearly state what they will receive in exchange for the Email. Make things easy.

3. You receive the video. It’s great. Now you know what this thing is that all the people living their best life use. You just don’t know how to use it properly.

Role of the lead magnet

– Convince them that the outcome is possible.

4. For the next couple of days you start to receive Emails. Awesome stuff. They show empathy. It’s not your fault that you couldn’t achieve it on your own. Show you how other people just like you are now living their best life. Also promise to take your pain away because they know you hate not living your best life. Introduce you to the teacher, how she came across the method and why it works every single time. Then finally they show you where you can learn it yourself.

Role of Email Sequence

– Take away the pain. Reinforce that the outcome is possible. Position your method as the best. Social proof. Present offer.

5. Once you get to the sales page you’re pre-sold already. They handled your concerns and objections in the emails but you see it all again here. You see other secondary outcomes that you haven’t even thought living your best life could bring you. They explain who this is for and who its not for. Now you know its perfect for you. Show other students. They’re not better than you. Answer numerous questions that these people had before buying. There’s also a guarantee. All the things you’ll receive minutes from now and a buy button.

Role of the Sales Page

– Tie it all together. Make it easy to purchase. Answer any additional questions/objections.

Understand what each of these pieces does.

Otherwise, you will attempt to solve the wrong problems.

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