If You Have Multiple Courses

There’s a technique that works amazingly well in how to sell them.

No need for timers.
No launches.
No fake scarcity.
Zero discounts.

Here’s how it works.

Course 1 – Jan/Feb
Course 2 – Mar/Apr
Course 3 – May/Jun
Course 4 – Jul/Aug
Course 5 – Sep/Oct
Course 6 – Nov/Dec

Create an annual schedule. Let’s say you have six courses.

Create lead gen for each course and a FB Group for each course.

Place the lead gens on a separate offer page… .the courses should be on their own page.

All courses should be visible on but have only one or two open and the others locked out.

Here’s what that would look like.

Course 1 – Jan/Feb (Open)
Course 2 – Mar/Apr (Waiting List)
Course 3 – May/Jun (Closed)
Course 4 – Jul/Aug (Closed)
Course 5 – Sep/Oct (Closed)
Course 6 – Nov/Dec (Closed)

Begin promoting each course 1-2 months before it starts.

All the lead gen should go into the same mailing list. Remember that you’re not advertising to a full room of people but a moving parade. People are interested in different things at different times and staying in front of them for a long time pays off huge.

Let’s say Course 1 is in progress. Place the people into a FB Group made for that course and let them interact there. You will see what the main problems are and you can use that to make that course better for when you offer it again. It also helps because now you can focus on one course at a time and eventually hire someone to run those groups for you.

Selling multiple courses this way creates real scarcity that people understand and they know if they do not sign up right now they will have to wait until next year to do so.

Let me know if you have any questions…

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