Lessons Learned Marketing Courses on LinkedIn

If you’re selling to a specific type of business or career professional a regular account might be ok but for many others it won’t cut it.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say I’m selling a Facebook Course. I want people “who took a Facebook course on udemy or skillshare” + “have 1-2 years experience in current role” – “Don’t work for Udemy, Skillshare, or Facebook”.

Without it, you’ll get people working for these companies. Regular LinkedIn search goes from great to horrible fast.

Boolean search was a must for most of the projects I worked on.

The “welcome” and “thank you for connecting” messages will get 80% of the interest so do not call it in. Take the time to write short and compelling copy in both.[

Your worker needs to understand the sequence. Sending 3-5 messages in a row will cause a lot of people to block you. What I like to do is send a gift as my 3rd message and then based on the responses… next message will go out or not.

The basic things that should be tracked are: connected or not | positive or negative response | need answer or answered | LinkedIn profile | which # message has been sent and when

After 1000 or so connections have the employee collect all of the: First name | Last name | Email associated with each account. Upload those into FB to get a good audience. 

LinkedIn doesn’t allow for ANY tools so don’t play with fire. A good process and and employee are required. 

Pull marketing works best. It really is not a place for pitching.[

Logging in from different time zones and at the same time will get you banned. LinkedIn doesn’t allow for anyone other than yourself to log into the account. The industry workaround is setting up an AWS. It took me 30-45 minutes to figure it out. Not hard. 

Treat it like sales copy… nobody cares about your resume.

Do not connect with 100 accounts on the first day.

With a regular account start at 20 per day and slowly ramp up to no more than 50 per day.
With a sales navigator start at 40 per day and slowly ramp up to no more than 100 per day.

One month of work:

Connected = 350
Positive & interested = 57
Emails collected = 327

Conversions will really depend on your ability to sell. They’re all over the board. A good salesman will close 25% through his sales process and another client who answered every one with a “yes | no | smiley face” couldn’t close one. 


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