Thoughts on Webinars

I’m noticing a trend of “let me teach you these three secrets” type material. That’s ok but I find many webinars to completely miss the ball and that is why they don’t work well.

Think of the webinar as the first chapter of a book (that helps you with X).

Usually, the author will try and convince you of all the possibilities and that an outcome is possible so that you continue reading. 

This is the main role of a webinar. 

To convince them that the outcome you sell is possible.

Example #1

If you are teaching coding. 

The webinar needs to convince the person that it is possible for them to master it and then get them prepped with the (3 secrets) before pitching your method. 

This could be

  • Most overlooked skill
  • Best software to download
  • The one mistake that everyone makes when starting out

Example #2

If you are teaching pull-ups.

Convince that doing 10-15 pull-ups is possible for anyone. Then the secrets should set them up for success and help to get ready for what they’re about to do.

  • Best piece of equipment to buy
  • How to gain wrist strength with this simple exercise
  • How the breath affects your pull up ability and what works best

Then you pitch the course. 

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