How Do You Feel About Sales?

I love sales. To me, they’re a transfer of emotions and value. That’s it.

The number ONE reason that I find courses do not sell is due to this exact issue… having a hang up about selling which correlates to also not having a business background (aka treating your course as a business). 

Take a look at these common issues:

  • I don’t know know who my audience is
  • I don’t know how to reach my audience
  • I don’t know how to get traffic
  • I get traffic but its not converting
  • People complain about my price
  • People come to my landing page but not buy

Any ring a bell?

Running an online business does not make the challenges of running an actual business disappear. 

Let’s break them down:

  • I don’t know who my audience is
  • I don’t know how to reach my audience

This is called prospecting. I’ve had years of this… outside sales door-to-door… cold calling on the phone… it’s what separates successful producers from the non-successful.

Right now you need to rack the shotgun and start to narrow in. The less experience you have, the longer this will take to figure out.

This here is the number one problem that large companies are having with their sales teams. For some reason we are now in an age of “vegetarian” salespeople who do not know how to hunt.

FB ads are rarely the best answer.

  • I don’t know how to get traffic

Initially, you WON’T know who your perfect audience is but as you start reaching out to people and talk to them… and eventually sell them… you will work your way backward to figure this out. Getting traffic is simply going to where they hang out and you won’t know this until you know who these people are.

In almost all cases Pull Marketing works best.

Attack the pain points of your customers and let them know how you tackle them.

The most effective ones will become the foundation of your paid traffic campaign.

  • I get traffic but its not converting

Are you getting the right type of traffic? Is your ad being cute and witty or are you presenting a good offer?

Have you tested copy, images, videos?

How many different angles of presenting the benefits have you tried?

Read “Ogilvy on Advertising” and I promise you that it will make you look at that industry in an entirely new way.

  • People complain about my price
  • People come to my landing page but not buy

Think of your landing page as an employee that you left at the store who is there to handle the customers that come in while you’re not around. They will come to look around, they will have objections and they will leave if something feels off.

This is a huge challenge even for experts. How to transfer the sales that come easy in person into the online space. I get it… but the bigger issue I see is that people phone this part and don’t respect the process.

Funnels, marketing channels, and all these buzzwords are nothing new.

You have to interrupt the scrolling zombies, start a conversation, get them interested, tackle their problem, show value, and close the sale.

What you’re doing online should follow the same path as you would with a customer in real life. [/et_pb_text]

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