How to Buy Online Courses to Resell

Are you thinking of buying a course to sell?

If so, there are various options available to you.

The internet is full of pre-existing online courses on every topic imaginable, which is why creating another online course may seem unnecessary.

However, there are many reasons why one may need to buy a course to sell. It may be needed for corporate training or even a desire to step into the thriving online learning business by selling online courses but do not want to go through the hassle of building it from scratch.


So, can you resell an online course?

The answer is yes, you can, after purchasing its rights.

Creating a course from scratch usually consumes a lot of time and work, significantly if you lack understanding of the topic. Some people are better teachers than planners, and that is alright. Instead of devoting a large chunk of your time to designing an online course, why not purchase a pre-made system and adjust it to your preference?

This article will discuss the best options for buying your courses and how to sell them effectively. We will also detail the best marketing strategies for selling courses and why it is advantageous to do so.

Regardless of your objectives, there are multiple options available to you. You can now find many course creators out there ready to sell the rights of their courses to others. This way, you can easily buy a course to sell.

Advantages of Buying and Reselling Courses

Buying and reselling online courses has numerous advantages. We will be discussing three very significant ones below.

Less Time Taken

You do not have to plan and design a course from scratch.

Planning a course right down to its core can be very time and cost-consuming. For most people who simply want to start marketing and selling courses there is too much research and energy required to get one done. 

There are other options if you wish to deliver a premium-quality course but do not wish to exhaust yourself with the necessary planning functions. 

Wondering how to pull this off?

Resell a course.

You can buy a comprehensive course or purchase separate coaching resources and combine them to form a single lesson. The resources we will discuss in this article offer the highest quality of ready-made systems and their segments at the best prices. As a result, instead of working on it for more extended periods, you can have a course available as quickly as in a day.

Brand Recognition

You can easily purchase course content online and customize it according to your brand. You may alter it as you please and add your logos and branding to the course. It will help you create a personalized feel for your course and keep it limited to your brand and course content. Once this is done, you can quickly sell your course online on marketplaces such as Skillshare, Udemy or better yet create your own marketing and sales funnels to make a lot more money and control things. 

Passive Income Source

Multiple income streams are highly beneficial and keep you on the safe side of your finances. Selling online courses will also help you generate a substantial amount of passive income without the hassle involved in a physical business. A typical company consists of product manufacturing, packaging, and delivery hassle; however, that is not the case when you sell an online course. You can create multiple packages for your students through subscriptions, one-time classes, or any other teaching method you prefer.

In a nutshell… zero fullfiment required after the sale is made. 

Now, the most critical question is, where can I find courses to sell?

You cannot just take content from anywhere, post it online and call it your own. Let’s look at some websites offering ready-made online courses at reasonable prices. 

There aren’t a lot of places that allow you to do this but I’ve found a few and included another way which works even better towards the end of this article.

Where Can I Find Courses to Sell?

The are various sites that fit your needs if you wish to buy a course to sell, and two specific platforms come highly recommended.

Content Sparks

Content Sparks is the most proper place to get done-for-you comprehensive courses on themes like Business, Personal Development, Sales, and Marketing.

Content Sparks has amassed a team of specialists with over 30 years of expertise who create well-researched and high-quality courses that you may freely modify, rebrand, and resell.

There are approximately 500 courses currently available, each with well-designed modules and lessons. Furthermore, you can select your favorite course by filtering results by a specific niche like “blogging” or “productivity.”

On top of that, you can anticipate receiving student, instructor, and lead generation materials that include a variety of components, such as:

  • Books
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Spreadsheets
  • Articles
  • Planners
  • Social Media

Most of the content can be easily edited and rebranded according to your liking. Content Sparks will provide you with the complete information for each course, so there is clear transparency about what you are getting into with your purchase.

Blaze content is available as comprehensive funnel courses that include all you need from start to end. The price of these courses ranges from $27 and $297.

Beacon courses are more compact than Blaze courses and are ideal for self-study, webinars, and masterclasses. The cost for these courses typically ranges between $47 and $147.

Furthermore, the Flash content only offers single coaching materials such as reports, worksheets, blog posts, and email sequences. These products have a price range between $27 and $129.5.


If you intend to develop your course, can be an excellent resource for purchasing high-quality teaching materials separately.

While most of the items on this platform are about confidence, self-improvement, and health, there is also quite a bit of content about relationships, weight loss, parenthood, business, and even more.

Thousands of done-for-you products are available on the website, which you can freely change, rebrand, resell, or give away for free.’s material is generated in-house by an experienced staff of native English authors, so you can always expect well-researched and well-written products.

Their pricing system is structured differently from what most people are used to. You must purchase credits and then buy your course products.


This is a very underutilized technique. Udemy is a marketplace for courses. There thousands of creators on there and most do know how to get courses done but barely any make any money nor understand how to market them.

I have a friend who’s been successful using the following technique. He messages these creators directly and either (A) asks to purchase the courses or (B) asks for them to make an exclusive course for him.

Some of the things you should look at is whether they have a following or not. If yes, then you can create an actual partnerships.

After you purchase a course from them there can be a requirement where the creator will need to provide some support (marketing materials, images etc…) and share the creation with their list or followers. 

Well, what are you waiting for now? 

Now that you know how to buy online courses to resell its time to get started. You can buy a course to sell on the websites we have mentioned and share your lessons with others on several online platforms.

Using the sites and technique mentioned above, you can quickly get into the online course business without doing any of the creation.

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