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Who is Tom and Why Are You Here?

I’m a 36 year old location independent who makes a living on the internet. I own a marketing agency, publishing company and have my hands in a lot of other smaller income streams.

Recently I’ve been asked whether I always wanted to be a business owner.

Here’s my answer:

“I wanted to be an astronaut… or so my mother claims.

When I was 7.. I was laying on the back seat of a car that was smuggling liquor back into the country (was supposed to cry and scream if the immigration wanted to check).

At 9 I was helping pops push product at soccer stadiums in Eastern Europe… was hustled a few times by Russians in the other stands and learned my lessons.

I learned how to sell.

The only games I played around the house had to do with money changing hands (don’t ask as I’d have a hard time explaining this one).

After working at some corporate jobs, and seeing how much residual income they were keeping…. I went out onto my own for good.

It would be hard for me to say that “I wanted to be a business owner” though… more that “I did not do well working for someone else.”


My Business and Lifestyle Vision

It took me a long time but in 2013 I finally realized my dream of becoming location independent. Before that I worked hard on diversifying my income streams and not being subject to the whims of any one client, company or platform.

The first thing I did once I found freedom is fly to Aruba.


At this point I want to share my experience and network with others and this is why “The Smart Brand Marketing Show” came to be.

How I add adventure to my life:

1997 – Bought into a record store at age of 16. DJ’ed in bars, colleges & at raves.

1998 – Organized 1st concert.

1999 – Overtrained in basketball and had major knee injury.

2000 – Moved To Florida

2002 – 3rd degree sunburn in Key West. Graduated from Full Sail with a record degree.

2003 – Moved To Brooklyn. Worked as engineer at Unique Recording Studios at Times Square. Met many of my favorite music artists.


2004 – Featured in a hip hop documentary. Started record label. Received bachelor degree in marketing from NYIT.

2005 – Released 1st hip hop album. Two of the tracks hit the top 10 music chart of a polish radio station in NYC  and 1 stayed there for a year.

2005-2008 – Massive sales experience. Inside, outside & retail.  Paid training at Nestle, Metlife, Nationwide, Hilti, Warranty Direct, Volt Relocation & Unifirst.

2006 – Met the wife.


2008 – Released 2nd hip hop album. Another two tracks hit the top 10. Performed at the polish parade in NYC.

polish parade

2009 – Experienced what life at the Hamptons feels like.

2010 – Purchased Coffee Shop

2011 – Built 300+ Adsense sites. First experience with outsourcing.

2012 – Started SEO Agency. Landed 30+ clients. Landed numerous coaching gigs.

2013 – Had my team publish 750+ Kindle Books.

2014 – Began two podcasts. Smart Brand Marketing & The Business Lifecast.



Filmed a documentary



Publishing company hit a new milestone – over 4,000 books published.

Movie shown in theaters

yowo theater

My IMDB rank took a hit


Began work on Faster Than Normal with Peter Shankman- creator of HARO (Help a Reporter Out).

faster than normal

Divorced wife and took a bit of time off from work. Enjoyed a few months in Lisbon and Warsaw with friends and family.


Moved to Thailand and got back to work and made a new driver license to make it official.


Started a new company creating online courses for influencers


…here’s me looking into the future…

chiang mai