What is The Best Headline For Promoting Digital Products?

Depends on the digital product and how you charge for it.

Online course vs Membership Site

Two very different types of sales.

  • An online course is better suited to a direct headline.
  • A membership site is better off with an in-direct headline.

Think about the user intent and journey.

Direct headlines are better suited for a direct sale.

I will get you, 1,000 followers, on Twitter or help you make $10,000 with Amazon or help you lose 30lbs in 30 days.

Indirect headlines are better suited for memberships.

Let me show you the best dividend stocks you should own each month or learn how to become and stay successful with your business or let’s learn piano one hit at a time.

Here’s the reasoning.

The direct headline brings in people looking to make a specific purchase. If I want to lose 30lbs in 30 days I will sign up for your product.

Once I lose 30lbs I no longer need your offer (therefore will cancel the membership) and if I don’t get what I asked for which is the solution I will complain (and also cancel the membership).

Indirect headlines are much better for longer relationships (but not so much for direct sales such as an online course).


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