What Online Courses are in Demand

If you are looking to make money selling courses online, then it is important to understand what is in demand.

Most successful online courses will make you money since they are needed in the market. One of the most important things to do before you set out to create your courses is to know what courses will sell and what prospects are hungry for.

This guide will give you some ideas around what things do well.

The following are the best-selling courses niches. Picking a good one makes all the difference when marketing your online course and attracting an audience of buyers. 

They are:

1. Business courses: Business courses are always going to sell like crazy. As the year goes by, more people are looking to begin their businesses. The road to financial freedom is never by remaining an employee. Many people relish the idea of starting their businesses. Popular courses in this niche include eCommerce, shipping and logistics, private label business, startups, freelancing, consulting, and so on.

2. Marketing courses: Businesses depend on marketing because this is used to sustain the business. Marketing is a specialized niche that teaches people the rudiments of managing a business in the eyes of the public as well as making sales. Popular courses include Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and so on.

3. Technology courses: People need technological skills for different reasons. From software applications to programming, people need to know various IT subjects based on their professional needs. Popular courses here include Data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Cybersecurity, and so on.

4. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain courses: Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have introduced various new trends into the modern industry. For several reasons, opportunities are being generated by De-fi, smart contracts, NFTs, and so on. People are looking for courses like NFTs, Blockchain networks, Cryptocurrency investments, Web 3.0, and so on.

5. Trading courses: Trading courses are meant exclusively for people looking to trade specific commodities in the international market. There is an ever-increasing demand for online courses that focuses on trading such as Forex, Blue-chip stocks, short-selling, Cryptocurrency/NFTs, day trading, and so on.

6. Courses on video creation: In today’s world, many people make money by creating quality videos with semi-professional equipment. The secret is in understanding how to create a video. When it comes to this niche, the hottest topics include social media video, lighting/audio, video production, video editing, videography, and so on.

7. Graphic design course: Graphic design is another profitable niche that is in demand for high-quality video courses online. Due to many businesses being established, people will need graphic designers to create their logos and physical branding materials. Popular courses in this niche include animation, social media, branding/logo design, NFTs, web design, and so on.

8. Photography courses: People want to know more about photography. With professionals and amateurs always looking to sharpen their skills, there will always be a need for photography courses. Popular courses include Digital photography, Photo editing and retouching, Lighting, editing, wedding photography, mobile photography, and so on.

9. Courses on health and fitness: People want to become fit and attractive. This is why they will look for the latest health and fitness video courses to buy. Popular courses in this niche include meditation, therapy, dieting, fitness, mental health, weight loss, nutrition, and so on.

10. Exam Prep: Many jobs and careers require for the applicant to pass a certain test for them to get hired. Some of these are accounting, insurances sales, consultants and brokers. Since these all come with high external motivation they are easier to sell. It’s simple. If you don’t pass it then you don’t get a job and there’s usually a deadline for doing so.
11. Specific high value training: I’ve seen many 7 figure courses in this field. Whether its a chiropractor teaching his peers on a new technique that he found or a dentist explaining how to perform high value cosmetic procedures. I’d label this as b2b sales to high net worth individuals.

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