75 – Course not selling? Don’t create a marketplace

I see a lot of people create a site with 10+ courses instead of trying to get one to work.  Most of the time it’s because what they made did not sell and so they think the solution is “more courses”. Maybe if this person put in as much effort into the marketing as they […]

74 – The table with a thousand legs

Recently heard of this concept and it resonated with me hard. Think of your business as a table and each traffic channel as a leg.  If you have one it won’t stand. If you have three it wobbles. Even with four it’s just one point of failure away from a wobble.  Asks any 10 business […]

73 – Untapped demand in the course space

I’m seeing a lot of inquiries and questions around white label courses or outright purchasing ones. If you love creating them then this is potential market for you. Here’s the type of buyers I identified What I’ve seen so far on the other end is creators who try to sell mediocre courses nobody wants or […]

72 – Why do you even have a lead magnet?

Do you know?  I’ve asked this question multiple times on a sales call with course creators that have broken funnels and not one gave me a good reason. Nothing beyond something equivalent to: “Someone on a podcast said it’s a good idea” The concept came from direct mail. Back in the days marketing would be […]

71 – The one course sales page section 95%+ get wrong

I’m talking about the part I call: “Who this course is for” There are a few levels to this so follow along (I will keep it short). You do not have this section at all.  It is too broad. Anyone that does their taxes or breathe is NOT an audience. You’re not coca cola running […]

70 – July Finds (failure, generalists, AI agents, lifestyle, redoing)

Hi friend, Here are my favorite things that I found this month: General Magic (Documentary) Imagine the following. You are riding an economic wave, you have gathered the best team, built a product, locked in top-notch advisers and consultants and received a huge influx of cash from excited investors. Then you still fail. What a […]

69 – Are you sabotaging your own marketing?

Here’s what I noticed. Person gets super excited about a course that they think people need.  Whether this is a correct assumption (is always questionable). Then they throw up a lead magnet, email sequence and sales page (because its what they heard needs to be done).  Some already give up at this point while others […]

68 – How to motivate a person to buy a course using triggers

You know that saying that you can’t make someone do something unless they want to themselves This is true for behavior adjustments, follow-through on habits, lifestyle changes, effectiveness of hypnosis etc.. However there are ways to prime someone for change (so that they think they came up with it by themself) There are two triggers […]

67 – Is your Course’s message clear enough?

Let me start of by saying that marketers in general confuse concepts (branding vs sales vs marketing vs advertising etc..) so I don’t expect a regular entrepreneur or educator to get this.  Some came from the corporate world, some learned from books, some are still faking it until they make it etc…  Only a problem […]

66 – A/B testing can increase course conversions by 158%+. 

The following process is used for sales pages.  Before we start any test. We single out the most important variable and only test one at a time. Any more than that and it becomes impossible to analyze which change was responsible for the difference.  Here are the key ones: Hooks/Headlines – The first thing a […]