56 – April Finds (clarity, framing, jobs, FB, cards)

Hi friend, Here are my favorite things that I found this month: The Pyramid of Clarity (Article) Recently we’ve been back in hiring mode. This article attempts to answer a question I’ve been wrestling with for some time.  How do you get your company to produce great results? “even if your company is comprised of […]

55 – The best way to improve your course sales page

I already wrote about how to gather feedback on a course that is not selling. You can find that here.  However, there are creators who have sold 1000s of courses and have no better idea of who’s buying them, what’s working and what’s not working than on the day they started. That’s sad and not […]

54 – Emails sell courses, so how to grow your newsletter?

The money is in the list. It’s the only audience that you control. Emails sell courses/services.  Every online business realizes those three facts sooner or later. So as a course creator your job is to (A) write persuasive emails (B) consistently (C) while growing your list. Today I’ll focus on list growth. This took me […]

53 – Using Adwords to market your course?

It’s Easter and I’m down with covid (which is brutal by the way) so will keep this short. We use Adwords with quite a few of our clients as it just works but had an interesting experience recently. A guy came to us after working with another agency for 2+ months (wouldn’t exactly say) but […]

52 – March Finds (reality, AI work, copywriting, advantage)

Hi friend, Here are my favorite things that I found this month: How the conscious mind is fed “reality” by the sub Conscious (Article) This is why headers, sub-headers and proper calls to action matter. Have you ever opened up a tab, closed it out and then a second or two later said to yourself […]

51 – How to 10x your chances of a successful course launch

After having the 100th person approach me with a course idea that makes no sense I’ve thought its time to write this This time it was a course with zero outcome “I’m going to teach you on how to start this thing… by giving you a free lead magnet giving the course away and then […]

50 – How to proceed with a price change & course relaunch?

This week I’m sharing a Q/A I had with a reader of the blog. Question: Right now I have a course that’s been available on teachable for two years. When I launched it, I had a base of about 30 regular (hidden niche) clients, plus a 150 or so instagram followers. I sold seven classes […]

49 – How to Hijack Your Competitor’s Audience in 2023

The ways of doing the hijacking change but for many niches it’s one of the easiest ways to target traffic. I used to do this via gmail, youtube, instagram etc.. Not a fan of sharing tactics much as they do not last but this one is fun. Twitter is the current playground So if you’re […]

48 – How to use your story to sell more courses

This week I had a client ask a question about the story (bio): Is it really necessary to tell my story in the theme of I was miserable at my job, struggled, then found my true calling etc. ? The thing is I wasn’t, I was in the buy side, job is interesting, people are […]

47 – February Finds (Ads, Tiny Products, AI Tools, Course sales)

Hi friend, Here are some of my favorite things I found this month: Podcast Advertising (Biz Advice) This company (Ahrefs) spent $51,975 (via two test) on podcast advertising. They share the entire journey and what they’ve learned. If you ever thought about running ads on a pod or host one this is a must read […]