44 – Trigger an emotional response and sell more courses

I’ve had a conversation recently and did not realize that most people do not know how a sale is made. It is a 100% emotional. Logic is used to justify it but not what sells.  I’ll explain this more in a future newsletter. For now I just want you to see it in action so […]

43 – Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Course Offer

Sometimes creating a brilliant strategy requires that you change the way you present things.  When things aren’t working, change your tactics. With the recession looming I predict people will have much less success coming out of the gate with $1k+ course offers.  Unless you have a huge following and clout. So if you’ve been pushing […]

42 – My Favorite Cold Outreach Setup (Updated in 2023)

Around 20% of our clients use cold outreach to sell courses.  Works best if you are selling courses to professionals for $400+. Our Process: Nail ideal client Who they are Where they work Years of experience Location Scrape emails  We use vetted outsourcers for this Run Campaigns Split test subject lines (want over 60% opens) […]

41 – How to use the power of regret to sell more courses

How often do you look back on your life and wish you had done things differently? Regret is a powerful tool In order to understand it we must enter the time machine.  First we decide that our current circumstance sucks and is making us unhappy Next we travel to the past to a point in […]

40 – Worried the recession will hurt your course sales

The media is confused about whether we’re losing or gaining jobs but whatever scares you most is what they’ll go with for now.  “Yes. If you don’t do X now you’ll be broke, sick and lonely before the summer.” Here’s what I find more important What is the market sentiment? This is something you’ll learn […]

39 – The Best Way to end the year

The Best Way to end the year You should be enjoying the holidays right now and not working. We have one more week left until New Years. I always take 2-3 days to do an annual review and planning for next year. It’s the most valuable thing I do each year.  Always brings insights and […]

38 – Should you worry about AI

Should you worry about AI? (I’m not) Skim through the conversation I had with it and you will quickly learn why… My conversation with AI Some takeaways It cannot think. It was trained in language and manipulates information that was uploaded to it. It cannot learn from new experiences or data. It only gets better […]

37 – Best Way to Run a Course *Christmas Sale*

You don’t.  Getting a course for Christmas is like getting socks for Christmas. Even if I buy one for myself… everytime I go by the mirror I’ll resent that guy for a week.  One of the best months of the year in the education space is January. Easy to imagine why. People are making new […]

36 – The #1 Reason People Don’t Buy Your Course

The #1 Reason People Don’t Buy Your Course This is especially important for any course in a niche large enough to scale to 7-figures that handles a large problem. Tiny niches with little competition can get away with messing this up and still make a few sales.  Some examples: Lose Weight Be Happier Make more […]

35 – Want people to finish your course

Want people to finish your course? (hidden sales tactic) Here’s all you do You make your first module a sales letter! In this instance, you can also set that module as a free preview and it will persuade people to make a purchase more than the average lead magnet. The typical free preview of courses […]