75 – Course not selling? Don’t create a marketplace

I see a lot of people create a site with 10+ courses instead of trying to get one to work. 

Most of the time it’s because what they made did not sell and so they think the solution is “more courses”.

Maybe if this person put in as much effort into the marketing as they did with making pretty slides it would work out differently. 

Look at it this way

Courses typically don’t sell because the student doesn’t understand what is being taught or doesn’t trust that the instructor or method can get them there

Also if it looks like too much work

Nobody wants to work more

If the sales page cannot persuade a person these things about course..  now you’re going to have to be 10x better at marketing to make each sale

You will have to not only create a persuasive sales page for each course but also have much better entry points and sequences to help lead the buyer down the right path.

Instead what I see is a confusing sales page listing out courses. Most remind me of bargain bins where I used to buy movies at Walmart when I was younger. Not an association you want anybody to make. 

The difference between successful creators and ones that don’t make it is focus. 

Nothing has killed more dreams than chasing (or creating) shiny objects.

Additional courses should only be created if they work strategically.

I’ll write about that in a future newsletter

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