71 – The one course sales page section 95%+ get wrong

I’m talking about the part I call:

“Who this course is for”

There are a few levels to this so follow along (I will keep it short).

  1. You do not have this section at all. 
  2. It is too broad. Anyone that does their taxes or breathe is NOT an audience. You’re not coca cola running a branding campaign.
  3. You forget to exclude people. Just as important. So right below who its for… be just as detailed in telling people who it is not far. Everyone wants to be included. Without that it is a major red flag. It’s like an agency that tells people they only work with a limited type of clientele but take anyone who can pay. 
  4. You’re targeting demographics instead of behaviors. One recent example of this was a course on “hiring a VA” saying its for solopreneurs, business owners and Entreprenuers. A person that works alone and never delegated AND a business owner with a staff of 500 has a course that’s right for both of them? If you say so. Neither will buy it. You’re much better off targeting one of these and mention the behaviors/situations this group is struggling with. 


This course is for

A soloprenuer who has tried hiring a VA. Wasted money and time and had to let them go as you ended up micromanaging this person and found it was simpler to do things on your one.

This course is not for

A business owner who needs specialized workers.


Demographics somewhat work if you are targeting a certain gender, ethnicity or job role. Even then you’d be better off including behavioral/situational along with it.

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