65 – Proven approach to building a course selling webinar

Webinars are hard and so I asked Google how to create an effective one.  They had five more steps in this recipe for failure.  Lot of work to launch something based on assumptions… There are two things we found predicts how successful a webinar will be. The RIGHT audience and MULTIPLE entry points.  Launching a […]

64 – Creating these types of courses = trouble

If you’ve followed me for a while now then you know my thoughts around Udemy. What I haven’t spoke much about is the danger of creating tactical courses. It’s why you rarely see me going over tactics in these newsletters as they come and go (whereas strategy you can use forever.) Last week I met […]

63 – How much effort to put into a new course?

Last week I went over how much effort you should put into a course funnel. One reader reached out with a follow-up. “What about the course itself?” New courses all carry a certain amount of risk. There are three ways you can approach this: I don’t find pre-selling very appealing unless you already have a […]

62 – How much effort to put into a course funnel?

When starting out: very little When scaling: a lot Let me explain both. For those starting out If you don’t have a massive audience and an unproven offer don’t waste your money on pretty sales pages as a funnel is the least of your worries. You have three levers that need to be tuned What […]

61 – How to attract students who can afford your course

The words you use matter I’ve tested this You attract the type of people that speak in the same way you do (or write your copy) Quick story When I sponsored a conference I was invited to the speakers dinner. Lot of highly successful people around. One of them was a lady that has sold […]

60 – How to nail the your course audience

You’re not a large brand. Coca-Cola can create branding campaigns based on demographics. Apple can. Tesla… Just as marketing is not sales Marketing is not the same as branding Branding: Gets the word out to a large amount of people about you  Marketing: Aims to attract the RIGHT people to your product Here’s what I […]

59 – 4 ways to increase cohort & high-ticket course sales

I’ve written a lot about how to sell more of low ticket or mid ticket products in the past newsletters. The one demographic which I haven’t spoken about as much is the people selling $10k or $20k+ courses… These are tougher as they require a good marketing AND sales process (while I mostly focus on […]

58 – Giving away FREE info can kill your course business

Here’s the short version: Giving away everything for free only guarantees two things. You will attract freebie seekers & Walmart shoppers Some of these dimwits will get upset when you present your offer This plays a big part in why you might not like selling… It’s not that people don’t like to buy You just […]

57 – 12 Predictors of a broken course funnel

These are some of my favorite conversion killers when I audit course funnels.  Speed Opt-in, sales & checkout pages should be blazing fast. No more than 4 sec loading time.  Incongruity Changes in point of view or messaging. Makes instructor seem like they have a split personality disorder.  We help you I developed Our guide […]

56 – April Finds (clarity, framing, jobs, FB, cards)

Hi friend, Here are my favorite things that I found this month: The Pyramid of Clarity (Article) Recently we’ve been back in hiring mode. This article attempts to answer a question I’ve been wrestling with for some time.  How do you get your company to produce great results? “even if your company is comprised of […]