69 – Are you sabotaging your own marketing?

Here’s what I noticed.

Person gets super excited about a course that they think people need. 

Whether this is a correct assumption (is always questionable).

Then they throw up a lead magnet, email sequence and sales page (because its what they heard needs to be done). 

Some already give up at this point while others setup a few ads or social posts and after a month decide that things are not working.

  • Are they not working or have you not gave it enough time?
  • Are the right people seeing this offer?
  • Does your funnel make sense?
  • How many tests are you running for your ads?
  • Are your creatives different enough?

I could go on for an hour… 

Doing marketing is not as easy or clear cut as creating a course. It’s why the same person that gives up on one (as it supposedly doesn’t sell) will rather create 8 more instead of putting in the time and effort to properly validate and give what they already have a chance. 

This is why our marketing services are so in-demand. It’s not that there’s something magical that I know (apart from which levers to pull and when). We have the strategy, past experience and patience to give each campaign the proper effort. 

Our best clients are the ones who have done good marketing for months or years and just can’t keep up with it. 

You will need a team. One Marketing VA generalist does not cut it. Not if you want to compete with the big boys. 

So before you do give up on a project and waste time building more courses. I hope it is for the right reasons. 

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