68 – How to motivate a person to buy a course using triggers

You know that saying that you can’t make someone do something unless they want to themselves

This is true for behavior adjustments, follow-through on habits, lifestyle changes, effectiveness of hypnosis etc..

However there are ways to prime someone for change (so that they think they came up with it by themself)

There are two triggers that make this possible

  • Pain (and why our marketing research is heavy on behavior vs demographics)
  • Strongly held belief that one shouldn’t have to go through really unfair or humiliating experiences (that all people share)

Here’s the method:

  1. Describe the things this person does not like (ex: work, commute, boss, circumstance, selling, repetitive days etc…)
  2. Make aware that they do not have to do this thing (via stories, examples, case studies, backward goal-setting* etc..)
  3. Have them acknowledge this fact in their mind by asking a question in your copy. Additionally have them acknowledge that if this is correct than there must be a number of other ways to get results without doing the things they do not like.
  4. Show them your proven method and why it’s different, faster & less annoying than what they’ve currently done and what your competition is doing (as they are now primed to also shop around) AND one that still gets the desired outcome

*backwards goal-setting is where you create a “I never want to do these things again list” to use as constraints before attempting to hit a goal

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