74 – The table with a thousand legs

Recently heard of this concept and it resonated with me hard. Think of your business as a table and each traffic channel as a leg. 

If you have one it won’t stand.

If you have three it wobbles.

Even with four it’s just one point of failure away from a wobble. 

Asks any 10 business people whether they’ve ever had an issue where they relied on one platform for the majority of their traffic and at some point they had a major problem occur.

8 out of 10 will say yes (while mentally reliving a nightmare story).

I have a couple of them. An old agency of mine that was getting 100% of its leads from google received a penalty and during my Kindle business years had an account making over $50k shut down. 

Since then I will never start anything that relies on only one or two channels. 

The main difference is having a strategy vs a tactic.

*A tactic is “I know how to get organic traffic from Linkedin” where a strategy is “I know how to create a message that resonates everywhere”.

Let me show you how this works with courses.

Our clients fall into three buckets

Bucket 1:

Little failure as there’s nothing to lose. Typically searching for a tactic.

Bucket 2:

Closest to the cliff. One platform dependent without a plan. Usually making high 5 to 6 low figures. Found ONE tactic that works. Has a very hard time making any progress the second that tactic no longer works or scales. 

Bucket 3: 

Has a decent strategy. Either via multiple channels or multiple courses. Now sees that what took him here will not get him to next stage. Mid to high 6 figures. 

The middle bucket is in the most danger. Makes enough to live and wants to scale but is scared to mess anything up that’s already working and often has no idea what is working and how to transfer that over to other platforms. 

For this crowd…

If someone can cut them off from their audience, they’re out of business.

What we do is help them come up with a strategy:

  1. Unique offer
  2. Entry points (messaging that attracts leads)
  3. Profile the audience and setup multiple ways to reach them

This is where your focus should go if you’re relying on tactics

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