72 – Why do you even have a lead magnet?

Do you know? 

I’ve asked this question multiple times on a sales call with course creators that have broken funnels and not one gave me a good reason.

Nothing beyond something equivalent to:

“Someone on a podcast said it’s a good idea”

The concept came from direct mail. Back in the days marketing would be done through the post office. You would receive the sales copy in your mailbox.

There were two types that were sent out

  1. For lead generation
  2. For order generation

The job of the marketing department was to figure out which offer could be shown (order taking) vs had to be sold (lead generation).

This is where the concept of “show me more” was born. This is the lead magnets, workshops & webinars… 

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is this offer clear and self-explanatory?
  • Will there be objections that might prevent them from buying it?
  • What’s the IQ and focus of my audience (just because you write it doesn’t mean someone will read and/or understand it)?
  • Are they aware of the problem and/or solutions?
  • Do they know/trust me?
  • Is my social proof strong enough?

There are more but this is a starting point.

If the answer is NO to these then you have a trust/clarity problem. Now based on how large the gap is that’s the amount of time you’re going to have to spend with the prospect.

Think in terms of

  • Length of webinar/workshop and other participants
  • Number of emails you have to send

So the lead magnet has a very specific role. It needs to attract the right audience to give you their info (lead generation) so that you have the chance to make them trust you and understand the offer. Not to give them more information or work before this process can start. 

If you can hypnotize them to believe what you believe (framing) you won. I don’t speak of this part much as there’s a lot to unpack here but just know that this is done to you more than you think.

The simpler form of it is framing the offer by setting them up for the win. Think of a person throwing up a basketball where all the person needs to do is decide to jump and place it in the basket. 

In this case you’re selling the idea of why once you throw the ball up it will make it 10x easier to maket the basket than if they simply shot it from far away. That’s what a perfect lead magnet does.

One more thing before I sign off this week.

Great copy shouldn’t look or sound like copy. There used to be a great copywriter back in the days that would take his ads (sales pages) to a coffee shop and ask people to give feedback on it (paying them for it). Whenever someone said this is a great ad he knew he failed and had to rewrite it. The only correct feedback was “where can I buy this”.

If your sales page can do this then lead magnets only get in the way.

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