73 – Untapped demand in the course space

I’m seeing a lot of inquiries and questions around white label courses or outright purchasing ones.

If you love creating them then this is potential market for you.

Here’s the type of buyers I identified

  1. People building marketplaces that they want to control so want to resell courses under their own brand.
  2. Course companies with a solid offering and audience that want new courses but do not want to make them. Would rather just buy it outright.
  3. Affiliates who instead of getting a commission want to pay a one time fee and then be able to promote it themselves.

What I’ve seen so far on the other end is creators who try to sell mediocre courses nobody wants or ones where they’ve exhausted an audience already. An example of the second is a guy I seen try to sell me a programming course that already sold over $300k on all marketplaces for $397 (huge red flag there). He approached me about it last year and again this year. No takers. 

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