67 – Is your Course’s message clear enough?

Let me start of by saying that marketers in general confuse concepts (branding vs sales vs marketing vs advertising etc..) so I don’t expect a regular entrepreneur or educator to get this. 

Some came from the corporate world, some learned from books, some are still faking it until they make it etc… 

Only a problem if you follow their advice.

So when you come up with your messaging (and outcome) you are not a brand selling products (remember that courses are different).

Courses (unclear by nature) = need clear messaging

Products (specific use implied) = benefit from an unclear message*

 *I did not say clever as we never do that… I said unclear. It’s what you remember about it and what makes it and its offerings different.

The most well-known brand messages are NOT clear: 

“Just do it” – what you want me to do, Nike? 

“Think differently” – about what, Apple? 

“I’m loving it” – loving what, McDonalds? 

You can pair unclear taglines with clear products. 

Nobody is confused by what those 3 companies offer. Try pairing an unclear course with an unclear tagline and you have a recipe for disaster.

A clear message about a product ruins it. 

Imagine if McDonalds just said “cheap burgers”. Not very memorable is it?

“You can taste the cheapness” is specific and catchy but not what they were going for. 

Here’s an example:

“You’ll be happier” (seen this one in hundreds of courses) – happier than what?

If this was Nike… you’ll be happier than the person next to you on the basketball court with inferior shoes

No one is happier taking a course. 

This is subjective but some killer gelato and a beach makes me happy. Courses need to get me a specific outcome. Then maybe once I achieve it I’ll be happy. At least make me believe that it will (as it won’t… I’ll want something more). 

Let’s take it one step further

  • If you’re teaching a course on how to learn a specific tool like excel… unclear tagline will differentiate you
  • If you’re teaching a course on storytelling… dial in the clarity of messaging

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