How to Create An Online Course [Updated 2021]

If you’ve been on the fence about monetizing your expertise and ready to pull the trigger on it the next question becomes how to create an online course?. You are at the right place. The E-Learning industry is expanding drastically, and the pandemic has added further to the growth of the industry since the past […]

17 Ways To Improve Your Course Sales Page Conversions

Here are 17 Fixes to help your course page convert: 1. The Fix: Make the Title count The Why: Your Title (H1) is the first (and most prominent) element we see right away. That first line of text is the difference between hooking them and losing them. 2. The Fix: What’s inside GIFs are your […]

5 Types of Online Courses That Dazzle Your Learners

These online course formats will engage, inspire, and offer your students real value. ©Melpomenem via The online learning market has been growing, with force, over the past decade—and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. In fact, the online learning sector is expected to reach at least the $336.98 billion mark by […]

How to find the Thank You URL after the purchase in Teachable

First login to the Admin section.  Step 1: Locate your course Step 2: Click on Pages Step 3: Click the primary button Example of what it will look like: This is what you will use in order to track your purchases. You’ll want to set up a conversion goal for this anytime you use paid […]

How to add Adwords & Funnelytics Code to Teachable

After log in to the Admin Step 1: Click Site Step 2: Click Code Snippets Step 3: Add the Code Here Check out where Teachable ranks on our best online course platforms page. If you liked this…Then You’ll Love These Too! How to Create An Online Course 17 Ways To Improve Your Course Sales Page […]

Stop Educating > Start Selling

In this article, we go back to the basics. I’ve spoken to enough entrepreneurs-almost-killing-it in the last quarter where I now feel this is a necessary lesson. A sales funnel is a sales conversation taken online. It is where you sell. Not where you show your teaching skills. That’s it. Let me walk you through […]

2021 Will Be The Year of Persuasion

It is hard to hype things up without an audience. Since the lockdowns happened I noticed myself lose interest in watching live sports, concerts, award shows, or stand up. Most businesses struggled with their messaging. Too much of “how can I help you during these difficult times” and not enough of “here’s what I can […]

Thoughts on Webinars

I’m noticing a trend of “let me teach you these three secrets” type material. That’s ok but I find many webinars to completely miss the ball and that is why they don’t work well. Think of the webinar as the first chapter of a book (that helps you with X). Usually, the author will try […]

What a Typical Year of Course Sales Looks Like

This is what a typical year of course sales looks like.  I’ve compiled the data based on the following: My clients and other creators Marketplaces and self-hosted courses Evergreen niches  Seasonal niches To come up with a solid average. What to do with this data? Use slow months to work on your funnel Use slow […]

SEO For Online Courses (Quick Practical Guide For 2020)

Have Something to Rank & Money Loves Speed Control is everything. Own your content. This way if a platform goes out of business or stops working (as they often do) you are still able to make money. Replacing a check out process and course hosting is easy. Losing your funnel is not.  Also pages on […]