Today’s Guest

In this episode we take you through a case study. Meryl used her productized bookkeeping service to figure out the content for her online course. We go over the beta & first launch and her experience marketing the course.

Meryl Johnston is an expert in accounting and book keeping..

This is the 140th session of Smart Brand Marketing.


Productized services & online courses compliment each other very well. You use a service business to learn about the pain points of a market segment (and get paid while you are learning!). You use an online course to show how much work you actually do so that people buy the service.


  • Productized services & online courses
  • Creating Information
  • Freeing up time
  • Beta version & getting clients
  • Always make them pay
  • Refining your content based on feedback
  • Defining the transformation, value and pricing
  • The Re-Launch and the free 5 day challenge
  • Linkedin engagement
  • Organic vs paid conversions



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