I get it.

You have created the best and most helpful course that you could and thought that people would understand and appreciate all of the hard work and buy it. Especially since it really would help them.

Unfortunately, there is so much noise in the marketplace that the best offers often get lost in the mix.

Maybe you attempted a launch and it didn’t go as planned… and now you’re tired of stabbing in the dark and want some help.

Could it be that the sales funnel is not optimal or the messaging is off… or it is not getting in front of the right audience….

Worst yet, the course sold great for a while and then the campaign started failing.

So you have hired a professional and paid good money for it and still… the results are not there..

This happens. It is not your fault.

When it comes to sales online the product is the rock and without it nothing else works but it is only 20% of the equation.

The marketing, the sales, the pitch, the ads, the targeting etc.. (those make up the other 80%).

We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Mine is in marketing online courses.

If you want help click the button below and I will do my best to get your course selling so that you can focus on the teaching part.

Tom Libelt



How To Make $36,000 with Only 90 Students…even if you don’t have a large list and this is your first online course.. READ CASE STUDY

From a Failing Campaign to $24,000 per month in 60 days

How to Make 10-30x in a Small Boring Niche with a Limited Budget


The people who want to apply should:

  • Be experts in their fields and have a finished course that helps people accomplish something (and not be an encyclopedia of information)
  • Know their numbers and have clear revenue goals.
  • Be able to give me a clear answer to “Why did you create this course?”
  • Understand who would be the perfect client and who it is they are competing against
  • Be ok with using paid traffic

You should NOT apply if:

  • You like to micromanage and to take on all of the work yourself
  • You are not an expert and would like to to “fake it until they you make it” and show “authority” through an online course
  • You do not have an audience of at least a 1000 people
  • You are in debt and do not have a budget dedicated to this type of project
  • If the course you need help with is on Udemy


If you’ve read this far page and everything sounds good to you click to apply for a call.

On the next page we will ask you a few questions to make sure that we actually help you.

You will then receive a link to book a call.

After the call if we both want to work together I will send you an action plan and price.

Once the payment is made we start the on-boarding process and get to work.



Week 1 – Get FB Access. Look over account, create initial strategy.
Week 2 – Do research and setup initial Audiences / Create Ad variations
Week 3 – Start Running new tests / Setup Remarketing
Week 4 – Strategy based on Tests / Run Remarketing
Week 5 – Access to Google Account (Display, Youtube, Gmail) + Reg FB Work
Week 6 – Research for Youtube/find placements + Reg FB Work
Week 7 – Create Ads for Youtube/start Campaigns + Reg FB Work
Week 8 – Research for Gmail/find placements + reg FB/YT work
Week 9 – Create Ads for Gmail/Start Campaigns + Reg FB/YT work
Week 10 – Include Remarketing on Display Network & YT + Reg FB/YT/GM work

After this point each week we adjust things based on data received.

These help speed up the on-boarding process:

– Fast access to FB and Google Account
– Description of ideal client
– List of competition
– Images/videos/basic copy for ads


  • We do not have contracts (so you can quit at any moment)
  • No setup fee (which is an industry standard but I don’t like them so have mixed in onboarding with regular work)
  • No additional fees (if we need to help you with special offer such as a live webinar)
  • No spend limits (price does not change when you increase spend)
  • No conflict of interest (we would not take on another client offering a course in same field)
  • No rev share (you keep all that you make)
  • Recommendations (we test new strategies in-house all the time and will include those whenever we think there’s a fit)


We help with copywriting and graphic design but not video editing.

We will share a Google Drive folder with you and keep all content in there.

Not really. It goes in this direction: Campaign (ex: cold traffic to landing page or remarketing) > Ad Set Sets (different audiences) > Ads. We might duplicate an Ad Set and change out the traffic, conversion options etc… and it would run to same ads or simply recreate. It depends on the situation.

Its done in a case by case basis. Depends on the input I can give and willingness to adjust ads and funnel. Depends whether there are special offerings (such as a live webinar, special offers etc..). No two clients are the same.

Client A: Ok with a 2x but runs same ad forever and has a tripwire that he does not feel like changing.

Client B: Runs live webinars along reg ads. Has 1-2x return on reg ads running to a short video and 15-20x on live webinar every 3 months.

Client C: Split tests a lot. Gets 3-5x every month. Mixes evergreen and live webinars.

Client D: Basic funnel. Solid 2-3x. Split tests ads every few months. Most sales done with Upsell.


Chase Quickpay, Zelle, Transferwise & Stripe

The Fee and Spend are always separate. I often recommend a certain amount of spend.

I’ve had a bad experience with an agency before. How will this be different?

“What I think of Tom Libelt”

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