SBM 129: Email Copywriting Best Practices from a 100 Top Marketers with Brandon Olson

Today’s Guest

In this episode you will learn about a 4-month-long research project on email copywriting.

Brandon Olson works at Aweber.

This is the 129th session of Smart Brand Marketing.


80/20 of findings:

430 words in email copy
longer emails > provide value
shorter emails > drive traffic

43-44 characters in subject line shorter get higher open rates (around 15 characters)

7% of experts use emojis perceived as risk since not all email clients support them

Most capitalize only the first letter of the subject line 6% use only lower case but say they get more opens

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  • Best email subject lines
  • What to put into email body
  • Amount of words in an email
  • Capitalization and emojis
  • Number of letters in a subject headline
  • Using A-B testing
  • Frequency
  • Correlation: assumptions vs reality


  •  Brandon Olson



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