SBM 047 : How Content Can Change it All with Greg Rollett

Today’s Guest

Greg Rollett  joins the 47th session of Smart Brand Marketing.

A friend of mine reached out to me and said that it would be good for me to have Greg on one of my episodes. I did and it turned out very well. He is the founder of Ambitous and is trying to compete with Vice and Thrillist who are huge. Later I found out that he is actually a part of a group that I hang out with very often and that he’s been following the progress of my documentary. Its a small world.


  • How to write content that people will read and act on
  • How to get bigger media outlets to talk to us
  • Process of creating lots of content
  • Best ways to distribute content
  • Tracking & re-purposing content
  • How to monetize a content site
  • how to find & reach out to the right people we want to write about




  • Greg Rollett



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