SBM 045 : Failures and Successes in Online Teaching with Sean Ogle

Today’s Guest

Sean Ogle  joins the 45th session of Smart Brand Marketing.

He is the founder of Location 180 & Location Rebel. These sites basically train people on how to become digital nomads and find their own freedom. I’m not very gung ho about the nomad scene but agree with the latter. We have ran around in the same circles for some time and initially met at the World Domination Summit in 2014. We were introduced by two mutual friends beforehand which was interesting. Since then we have been trying to schedule this interview for some time.

It was a very fast paced conversation.

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  • Finding initial clients
  • Retention of customers
  • How to choose what to offer
  • Difference between working out of Asia and the states
  • Biggest challenges for people switching from being employees to becoming employers
  • Where the ‘Escape 9 to 5’ & ‘digital nomad’ movement is heading
  • What one thing separates those who make it from those who do not
  • How to teach online





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