What is a landing page on a website?

A landing page is a single web page in the sales funnel that all customers are directed to whenever they click from an advert, an email marketing sequence, social media, or any location online. Landing pages are where a person can make a purchase. They are not used to collect relevant information from visitors in […]

What is a lead magnet in marketing?

A lead magnet is a term in marketing that is used to describe a free service or item that is given to a customer to collect their contact details. When it comes to the use of lead magnets in marketing, any gift or reward can be used. Common examples of lead magnets are: Trial subscriptions […]

What is a sales funnel and how does it work

A sales funnel is used to describe the various processes that prospective customers undergo before they are converted to buyers. The sales funnel is divided into stages. Each stage contained in the sales funnel brings the customer closer to purchasing a product or a service. If your sales funnel is planned properly, it will clearly […]

What is an abandoned cart email sequence?

You have gone through the pain of setting up your online store. You hire the right professionals to set up every part of the sales funnel for your business. You finally set up your e-commerce store. You realise that you need visitors. You pay for a top-notch digital marketing consultant to help create an online […]

What is an email marketing autoresponder?

Thanks to technology, businesses can now send broadcasts or email sequence campaigns to their customers whenever the need arises. With the need to get fast information and the stiff competition in the industry, many brands and companies are investing in email marketing autoresponders to help drive productivity and increase revenue. This guide breaks down what […]

What is an email sequence campaign?

An email sequence is the use of automated software (an autoresponder) to send emails in series automatically to a customer, a user, or a prospect. The emails are sent out to the recipients based on a predetermined condition such as a task being performed or a delay. In ideal marketing conditions, the email sequence is […]

What is an opt-in page?

An opt-in page is a type of webpage set at the beginning of the sales funnel whereby you allow your site visitors to “opt-in” to get frequent notifications from you. This means that they will get frequent messages such as promotional emails, newsletters, special communications, and so on from you. For your site visitors to […]

What is upselling? The definitive guide

Many companies have resorted to upselling to help increase their revenues and meet specific sales goals. Upselling is a very effective sales technique that is common in the marketing industry. People readily upsell to existing customers because it is more feasible. The chances of selling a product to a customer you already have are between […]

What is a checkout page?

Before finalising your online shopping, you always come across an important page. With this page, you are able to make your payment for the products you selected and confirm your order. The checkout page is an important page for online stores. All online stores have checkout pages. A checkout page is usually the last page […]

A guide to down-selling and its benefits

As a sales representative for a brand, you have to know how to generate income regardless of the challenges involved. Many of buyers will leave abandon their cart in your sales funnel. This might be do to outside interference, pricing, change of mind, red flag or an unanswered question. Instead of letting them just leave […]