55 – The best way to improve your course sales page

I already wrote about how to gather feedback on a course that is not selling. You can find that here. 

However, there are creators who have sold 1000s of courses and have no better idea of who’s buying them, what’s working and what’s not working than on the day they started.

That’s sad and not helpful.

Whenever someone purchases a course is the best time to get more info and a testimonial.

Here are the two questions to ask post-purchase. 

  1. Why did you enroll in this course?
  2. What almost made you not enroll in the course?

We want to know (A) the real reason for enrollment & (B) what red flags need to be adjusted/removed. 

Use both to dial in the sales page message. 

Recently I’ve been running copy through ChatGTP. 

I ask it to look for any problematic areas, open loops, conflicting arguments etc…

It does a decent job at that. 

Not so much at the writing part. As a copywriter it sounds too boring and academic. 

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