26 – The ONE email you need in your course email sequence

The ONE email you need in your course warm-up sequence

Whenever I run a warm up email sequence I have three goals:

  1. Get someone to click over to sales page
  2. Segment them (if multiple products)
  3. Receive feedback

Most creators miss the third part.

If you’re running a sequence it should be broken into two parts

  1. Sales blitz (initial 5-10 emails to sell right now)
  2. Evergreen (weekly emails to stay in front of prospects)

Three days after the sales blitz I always add a feedback gathering email.

It goes something along the lines of…


Subject line: Hey _____, What did I do wrong?

Body: NAME

I noticed you signed up for ______, read a few of the emails advertising _____ but did not purchase.

Why not?


The feedback (once you ignore the nonsense answers) from this is gold.

In an upcoming newsletter I’ll go over exactly how I use it to adjust the sales funnel.

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