27 – September Finds

Hi friend,

Here’s what I want to share this month:

  1. Unknown Guru (Life Advice)

This video is the most insightful 45 seconds of life advice I found on the internet. Have thought about it for a while and cannot find any holes in his theory.

  1. How Narratives Drive Pricing (Article)

I always look at other industries for ideas. If you ever wanted to build your brand and scale your course like a startup this is an article to read. One fact before you go through it… there are now small VC funds purchasing branded courses just like they do with Amazon businesses to diversify their portfolios. 

  1. Best Course Sales Page Examples (Article)

This one is from our blog. I’ve been asked this question so many times that I decided to get it done (with one twist… I only included courses that make 7 figures).

  1. Why Winners Keep Winning (Article)

The case for a personal brand. It reveals a harsh truth about success and social status  and why winners keep winning.  The idea behind it is known as cumulative advantage, or the Matthew effect, and explains how those who start with an advantage relative to others can retain that advantage over long periods of time.

  1. Chuck Norris – Karate Kommandos (Cartoon)

I don’t know how nobody told me about this for past three decades but Norris had a 5 episode cartoon back in the 80s. Not sure how to describe it. 

Watch for yourself. I’m still to find a full episode. 

6. All of our past newsletter issues

You can finally grab the ones you’ve missed (and you already know how good each one is).

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