40 – Worried the recession will hurt your course sales

The media is confused about whether we’re losing or gaining jobs but whatever scares you most is what they’ll go with for now. 

“Yes. If you don’t do X now you’ll be broke, sick and lonely before the summer.”

Here’s what I find more important

What is the market sentiment?

This is something you’ll learn quickly about if you’re trading stocks. It’s what creates all the short term moves. It’s not fundamentals or multiples. Logic always wins out in the end… but you might not be around by then.

It’s always caused by one thing.


It’s also what kills stock prices. 

If Apple says that its revenue is up and down… stock can move either way. If it says it has no idea… it will tank.

The more of uncertainty we feel the more of a “recession” we experience… even when there are others having zero problems. 

Now your course can be either “the way out” or “an unnecessary expense”… depending on the phrases you use in your copy.

Here are the 5 types of angles that you want to include during a downturn:

Angle #1: Survive Hard Times

Tie-in how your course will help survive and thrive during a recession.

Explain they can use the transformation in your course to get unstuck from a sludge of an economy while everyone else is still stuck.

They can be the one that gets out alive.

The person that holds this information can be the one that thrives and moves and grows faster than ever.

Isn’t that a course you’d want to take?

Angle #2: Spirituality & Religion

People without hope, clarity, after a job loss etc.. (all recession symptoms) tend to turn inward for answers. 

A higher being or a guru always comes handy during this time.  It’s why everyone with a long sentence in jail always comes out preaching the bible. 

If you have a fresh perspective, a new philosophy, or a controversial take, this is the time to use it.

Angle #3: Find Your Personal Advantage

This is the time everybody wants to know- “How do I find my unique edge?”

Fear leads us all to question ourselves.

Any course that helps students find their personal advantage will help them feel strong and confident.

Strength and confidence lead to victory.

Angle #4: Go Your Own Way

Years ago I created a documentary called “your own way out”. I was not as good of a marketer back then and got the timing wrong. Things were going well in the economy and message did not resonate. 

2008 and 2022 are good years for this. 

When it becomes clear that the old ways have failed.

Must be time to go your own way!

Angle #4: Sensemaking

During an economic downturn people get confused, and they don’t know why.

How did we get here?

  • Society at large
  • Industry
  • Political party
  • Social tribe
  • Religious tribe
  • Food tribe
  • Fitness tribe

This makes people uncomfortable.

Yup, we’re always coming back to uncertainty…

The sensemaking message in your copy helps make people make sense of how we got into the situation.

Your course being the best way forward.

Final message

Be original

You zig while everyone else zags.

You sell Excel training while everyone else sells Notion Templates.

You eat vegan while everyone else goes carnivore.

Until next week,


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