36 – The #1 Reason People Don’t Buy Your Course

The #1 Reason People Don’t Buy Your Course

This is especially important for any course in a niche large enough to scale to 7-figures that handles a large problem.

Tiny niches with little competition can get away with messing this up and still make a few sales. 

Some examples:

  • Lose Weight
  • Be Happier
  • Make more money
  • Get Fit
  • Learn new language
  • Advance in career
  • Learn sales


All comes down to answering this (conversation in prospect’s mind):

“I’ve tried fixing this problem before.

Why will it be different this time?”

We use the following formula to answer this:

  1. (The way we achieve) the outcome is new
  2. Its mechanism is secret (to 99% of public)
  3. Its different (than what you’ve tried before)
    1. And easier (this is key)
  4. Its expiring soon (because there are some other things at play that make this the perfect opportunity right now – not just discount)

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