33 – Why Mini Courses are making a comeback

Here’s what I’ve noticed from my work with private investment groups that have purchased courses (making 7 figures). 

Mini offers are making a come back. These are typically in the $27-97 range. Clear outcome. Great copy. All based off paid ads (ex: if I put in $1 I know I’m getting $1.25 back).

Why is this happening now?

It comes down to human nature. Main drivers are the economy and market sentiment. It’s very cyclical but as a marketer you need to always be aware which environment we are currently in for best results. 

When people are optimistic and feel safe

  • Gambling behavior
  • Buy into business opportunities
  • Spend more

When people are fearful and uncertain

  • Want lean operations and improve results
  • Cut backs and safe investments
  • Spend less

*Does this mean you can’t sell premium courses now? NO, but your copy needs to change based on the cycle.

Some thoughts on these mini offers

  • You do not want to do this on Udemy. Devalues you. Less profits. Not sellable. Running ads is pointless due to profit share. 
  • It will create the best email list (audience) in the world for you (full of buyers) but none of this helps if you do not have a good high-end offer on the back end OR cross selling opportunities (profit sharing with other companies/creators in similar space).
  • No need for lead magnets, email sequences or funnels BUT your offer and sales page copy needs to be bulletproof. 
  • Easier to scale than cohorts, high-ticket programs, group coaching, summits, memberships or services (why investment groups love them).
  • Lot of easy opportunities to increase ROI (upsells, downsells, order bumps, affiliate offers etc..) Only takes some creativity and math.

In Summary…

If you’re about to create an offer OR are missing a low end product in your funnel.

The current economy makes mini courses an easier entry point to more sales – directly from cold traffic.

It might actually make it much easier to build an audience and make the process automated.

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