What is an abandoned cart email sequence?

You have gone through the pain of setting up your online store. You hire the right professionals to set up every part of the sales funnel for your business. You finally set up your e-commerce store. You realise that you need visitors. You pay for a top-notch digital marketing consultant to help create an online campaign to drive visitors to your site. It finally pays off. The visitors are here. They are shopping from your online store. And then you discover something unusual. Most visitors are abandoning their carts halfway through the shopping process. To your surprise, you step in to find out what the problem is, and most importantly, how to tackle this issue.

The problem of cart abandonment with eCommerce stores

Cart abandonment is a very serious problem that most online stores are currently facing. However, there is a solution to this problem. Investing in the right abandonment cart email sequence campaign will help you convert these forgotten visitors to regular buyers. The average rate of cart abandonment for a regular e-commerce store is about 75.6%.

What is an abandonment cart email sequence?

An abandonment cart email sequence is a series of emails that you send to your customer who has abandoned their carts midway through their shopping process and have not completed their purchases.

This is a common type of email sequence that many e-commerce stores use to follow up with their customers. Many shoppers, an average of 75% for an average e-commerce site, add products to their carts, gets through a part of the product checkout and do not complete their purchases.

What is the abandoned cart strategy?

An abandoned cart strategy is a type of campaign that e-commerce stores use to drive sales and increase returns with their products and services.

It’s also often utilized as a recovery solution that is used by e-commerce stores to re-engage with their customers who may have abandoned their carts at different stages of the shopping process.

Since the expectations of customers continue to increase, eCommerce merchants need to meet these needs especially as it applies to each customer.

What is abandoned cart flow?

An abandoned cart flow is the full process of trying to re-engage with your customer when they abandon their carts halfway through the shopping process. This customer re-engagement process is started each time that a customer abandons their carts.

The abandoned cart flow is the full process whereby you sent a message or a series of messages to customers who have added products to their shopping carts but have failed to complete their purchases.

Many e-commerce stores in a bid to avoid lost sales due to abandoned carts, will usually make use of the abandoned cart flow. With an average of 70% of customers abandoning their shopping carts, this is a problem that needs to be prevented.

What is the purpose of abandoned cart emails?

Their only purpose is to help customers remember that they have not completed their purchases. Special emails are sent to entice these customers that they have to complete their purchases.

To do this, the affected store usually creates a campaign that is triggered the moment someone leaves the checkout process without a purchase. This strategic campaign is targeted at all the customers that have abandoned their carts without completing their shopping.

Special emails are sent enticing these customers with promotional offers. It could be through special discounts or irresistible product giveaways. This is meant to entice them to come back to conclude their purchases.

Abandoned cart email sequences are beyond mere reminders. They also try to resolve the customer’s pain point as to why they have abandoned their carts during shopping.

Whatever, you have to do, if the basics are implemented properly, your revenue should begin to grow and your overall profitability should increase with time. An effective and efficient abandoned cart email sequence campaign should help increase your return on investment.

Abandoned cart emails: What benefits do they have?

The abandoned cart sequence has several benefits for an e-commerce store. The following are the most common benefits of emails you want to include:

Enhance the general customer experience: Abandoned cart emails are always beneficial to an e-commerce store. Even if the customer never comes back to finish off their purchase, sending abandoned cart emails will help you collect important information. You will be able to collect important information which will give you sufficient information as to why the customer had abandoned the cart.

This then gives you the insight you need to make the necessary adjustments and changes to improve the general customer experience. This will then help you to reduce the general rate of cart abandonment.

Save time and money: Abandoned cart emails are important because they help you save time and money. They are usually automated, which means that once you set them up, you will be able to focus more of your time on other marketing activities to grow your business. With abandoned cart emails, you will be able to easily retarget your old customers. This is a cost-effective way to look for fresh leads rather than spending lots of money to acquire new customers.

Enhance customer engagement: With abandoned cart emails, you can enhance customer engagement. This can lead to a long-term relationship with the customer. All abandoned cart emails are customised to suit the shopping history of each customer. When they are sent, they help you tell the customer that you understand their needs and value them. This can also help motivate them to complete the purchase.

Improves rate of conversion: One of the most obvious importance of cart abandonment emails is that they help you recover sales. They also help improve revenue while also increasing your rate of conversion.

If designed with the right quality and intent, cart abandonment emails will help you motivate your customers and make them complete their product purchases.

With these emails, you can incentivise the customers and make them come back to their carts and proceed to the checkout page. To achieve the intended effect, these emails should be personalised. When done this way, your cart abandonment is reduced by a factor of between 10% and 30%.

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