35 – Want people to finish your course

Want people to finish your course? (hidden sales tactic)

Here’s all you do

You make your first module a sales letter!

In this instance, you can also set that module as a free preview and it will persuade people to make a purchase more than the average lead magnet.

The typical free preview of courses will put anyone to sleep.

“I will teach you how to blah, blah, blah… and we will go over the following information (lists of more snooze items) and then we will also go into…”

Then they’ll wonder why nobody cares.

For one, nobody values free

So the second you have someone’s attention

Cultivate the desire for what you’re going to teach

Use this checklist whenever crafting your first module

The 7 Part Sales Letter Template

1. Hook

The title and subtitle of your course. You might not be aware of this but the “hook” is the only creative part of copywriting that cannot be templated. When you hear about the old school geniuses such as Oglivy, their only job was to come up with a selling hook. They had copywriting departments to do the rest. I’ll create some content soon around how I approach this part.

2. Problem

Speak exactly to the problem your prospective reader is feeling.

Does this happen to you?

Do you relate to this? 

Can you imagine this?

Key ingredient: don’t be boring.

3. Agitation

How is this problem really?

Describe the pain in detail.

Show how you were walking through Hell before solving it.

4. Solution

What worked for you and others taking your course finally after nothing else did?

How do we know it worked?

Why did it work? 

Would it work again?

5. Proof 

Prove your solution works and is repeatable.

Did it work for other people?

Did it work for you?

How well did it work?

Do you have before-and-after photos or stories?

Provide data, not the fluff.

6. De-risk

How is it superior to all other solutions?

How easy was it really?

How quickly did it work?

How well does it work a 2nd time, 3rd time?

Use testimonials.

7. Action

The action is not simply “buy this course” and let it sit on your hard drive.

The action is “here’s a list of things you will be able to do once you invest the TIME in this course.”

Bulleted lists are great for this.

Your sales page will already be a variation of this except it’ll include more key steps. The free module is something I treat as a hidden video sales letter. Since people don’t expect it to be one… they’re more primed to passively take in your information without much push back. It’ll also re-sell the ones who already purchased on taking action now and finishing it.

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