53 – Using Adwords to market your course?

It’s Easter and I’m down with covid (which is brutal by the way) so will keep this short.

We use Adwords with quite a few of our clients as it just works but had an interesting experience recently.

A guy came to us after working with another agency for 2+ months (wouldn’t exactly say) but in that time they were able to get him a total of 4 sales.

The course wasn’t very good… everything about it just average. 

After 6 weeks with us he sold 84 copies. 

The one thing we did is change his positioning as there was nothing there before. We used the course engine guide that I’m offering below… nothing else. The course was a straight up commodity with more exciting offerings in same niche on Udemy for 80% off the price he was charging.

After inspecting the account some I realized something.

The one thing most agencies and course creators using adwords get wrong.

Everyone focuses on what keywords they want to bid for. This is the easy part. 

I focused on what keywords I did not want Google to bid for. 

The magic is in using the negative list properly.

Some examples:

  • “Free”
  • “Near me”
  • “In-person”
  • Etc..

These will not sell your course and you can use insights to get a lot more of them. Just need to think a bit when you look through the list that Google is serving out.

You don’t want clicks. You want the right clicks.

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