44 – Trigger an emotional response and sell more courses

I’ve had a conversation recently and did not realize that most people do not know how a sale is made.

It is a 100% emotional.

Logic is used to justify it but not what sells. 

I’ll explain this more in a future newsletter. For now I just want you to see it in action so that you can use it right away yourself.

Are you experiencing an emotion of any kind here? 

Me neither

…and these are some of the best sellers so you can imagine the snoozefest as you scroll down more

What these are doing better from the “learn the chords or the foundation of piano” is that they are focusing more on how to play a song or songs. 

The songs are what elicit the emotion in the buyer. 

A song can make you feel a certain way. Make you remember a time or event in your life. Bring up faces of people you like that were around you when you listened to this song.

Here’s a guy that got this partially right.

Watch the video first and then I’ll explain

Look at the title

“Her Face When I Switched To Still Dre”

Remind you of anything? 

It’s a riff on the classic ad below except instead of eliciting emotion through “they’re not laughing at me anymore” it’s done through “look at the response I got from this stranger”

Unfortunately he only got this partially right. 

This video would have been an amazing vsl with

  • Tighter editing
  • Explaining how you to can learn to do this in x days
  • Why his method is easier and faster than anyone else on the market
  • Tell exactly what to do next (click below etc…)

A person that “wants to turn a stranger they just met into someone that likes them fast” and has positive memories with the song “still dre” is now primed to purchase. 

All you need to do is show them how quickly without giving any more reasons to not. 

Basically get out of your own way

Until next week,


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