38 – Should you worry about AI

Should you worry about AI? (I’m not)

Skim through the conversation I had with it and you will quickly learn why…

My conversation with AI

Some takeaways

  • It cannot think. It was trained in language and manipulates information that was uploaded to it.
  • It cannot learn from new experiences or data. It only gets better at manipulating it. So when you see someone write that in 5-10 years this thing will replace you… they haven’t really thought that through.
  • All it does is steal information. When it is connected to the internet… lawsuits will fly.
  • It already writes better than the average writer you might hire. Those days are numbered.
  • With the write prompts, it can easily replace junior copywriters or create technical/informative courses. Only good marketer required.
  • I’ve ran tests and seen other marketers run test pinning human vs AI. AI wins when competing against average human written copy by 25%. Great human written copy beats AI by 40%+. 
  • No creative or original thought. Cannot comprehend human experiences. 

Here’s the bottom line

This tool was built to replace tasks that require average human intelligence. That’s not a high bar. A large pool of the population cannot think for themselves. That puts AI in a very good spot as it cannot either. 

What it can do is write better, show up whenever needed, be the cheaper option and replace low level staff. 

It is a game changer for the business world. 

If you’re reading this newsletter I doubt it threatens you. 

Probably will make your life easier.

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