SBM 114: Stay on The F–king Bus with Dan Andrews

Today’s Guest

In this episode you will learn about how your location is impacting your business.

Dan Andrews is a host of the Tropical Mba Podcast, business owner and an author. This is a special podcast for me. His was the first podcast I have ever listened to, he got me to leave the US and see Asia and was the person who told me to start my show.

This is the 114th session of Smart Brand Marketing.


It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in your business. During the 3rd or 4th year everyone will encounter a time where things look much better elsewhere and what most people do is go start something else not realizing that the same thing will happen again.


  • Location and freedom
  • Why we live in Chiang Mai
  • Ups and downs of running a business
  • The Helsinki bus story
  • Making more and working less
  • Why a location is so important
  • Can you run a business from anywhere?
  • Communities, Conferences and passive income
  • Why one should stay away from coaches




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