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SBM 057 : Brand Strategy and Being a Business Therapist with Erica Blair

I met Erica at a large house party that she threw in Chiang Mai.

Erica Blair joins the 57th session of Smart Brand Marketing.

She lives a bit out of town and her house is virtually in the middle of a jungle and feels like a resort that you would book for a weekend away.

After we connected I started seeing her in my FB feed a lot. It was a mixture of branding messages, hippie stories and some very interesting ways of giving back to the community. The one that stood out to me was when she gave away 2 or 3 days of her time and let anyone book free sessions with her to talk about brand strategy. I thought at that moment that the least I can do is get her on the show and figure out what it is exactly that she does.

Listen now 🙂

Topics discussed: 

  • The definition of a brand
  • What does a brand strategist do
  • Process of helping dial in a good name
  • The thought process that goes into creating a solid brand
  • When is it time to rebrand
  • What most people need help with
  • Most common mistakes
  • Branding vs marketing





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