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SBM 056 : The Battle Between Writers and Editors with Elisa Doucette

The first guest I brought back for another conversation.

Elisa Doucette  joins the 56th session of Smart Brand Marketing.

When I first spoke with Elisa. She was just moving away from freelancing and started her new company. It’s been almost two years since then and I wanted to see how things have been going since.

Everyone of us experiences ups and downs except we usually do not speak about it. Sort of… some do… there’s this failure glorification that goes on in some corners of the world. Lets leave that to the snowflakes.

Elisa popped up on my radar again by posting a review of 2017. It was brutally honest and took a lot of courage to post publicly. I loved it.

Press play!

Topics discussed: 

  • How Elisa’s business has grown
  • Marketing strategies
  • Team Building
  • Writing vs Editing
  • Biggest mistake made
  • Training process
  • Online course
  • Tips for editing





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