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SBM 055 : Should You Sell Your FBA Business with Coran Woodmass

I caught up with Coran and realized that his new business is blowing up.

Coran Woodmass  joins the 55th session of Smart Brand Marketing.

This is a very interesting story. He went from selling his own business to working for a different broker and then finding a very hot niche where he could make his mark.

It’s a good episode.

Topics discussed: 

  • How Coran found this opportunity
  • Coming up with the brand
  • The initial marketing and sales
  • What got them 400 leads on day one
  • Where Amazon is heading in 2018 and beyond
  • Why most people shouldn’t sell
  • Is it still worth it to get into Amazon
  • What makes a business interesting
  • The process of selling an FBA business
  • Why networking has the best ROI





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