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SBM 050 : Support For When Shit Hits The Fan with Josh and Jill Stanton


Josh and Jill have been working hard for a few years now getting their business of the ground.

They both join us for the 50th episode of  Smart Brand Marketing.

I’ve already interviewed them both in the documentary I filmed a few years ago. It’s called “Your Own Way Out.” During that time we were all in Bangkok and were both living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. After that they moved to Canada to get their business to the next level. Then I heard they wanted to get out of there and I reached out to find out how things were going.

Enjoy this episode.

Topics discussed: 

  • A formula for producing podcast episodes that get popular
  • Insights of working together as a couple
  • Building a connection with members
  • Travel vs home base
  • Their marketing & sales funnel
  • How they monetize their site
  • Strategies for growing a Facebook group
  • Assumptions vs reality





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