SBM 042 : Why You Should Leave Your Weaknesses Alone with Taylor Pearson

Today’s Guest

The author of “The End of Jobs” is here.

Taylor Pearson  joins the 42nd session of Smart Brand Marketing.

I met Taylor over a year ago in Bangkok while he was working for a Valet Parking App company. We re-connected again a bit later in Vietnam and I haven’t heard from him for a while. Around a month ago he released a book that hit the bestseller list on Amazon.


  • How to publish a bestseller
  • How to make namedropping work for you
  • How to build and work your mailing list
  • How to run a successful book giveaway
  • Money, time & freedom
  • Good & bad sides of Austin, TX
  • The end of middle management
  • Who shouldn’t write a book
  • Ghostwriting
  • Difference between writing for a blog and for a book
  • Why you should leave your weaknesses alone






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