SBM 039 : Over a Decade in The Music Business with The Nappy Roots

Today’s Guest

The Nappy Roots are here!

Welcome to the 39th session of Smart Brand Marketing. I should have saved them for the 50th episode since I’m sure they will be hard to beat.

These guys are legends.

I’ve been listening to them for the last 13 years. Their shows are amazing (been to a few) and the albums always resonated with me. I feel as if I’ve grown alongside of them. They never stuck to the past.

When I think of someone that has had a long and tough road but never stopped grinding… its them.


  • What it was like to taste early success
  • Losing members of the group
  • Adjusting to the new music industry
  • Major label vs Being Independent
  • How to work a record
  • Creative process & routines
  • Keeping the brand consistent for over a decade
  • Why they went into rap in the first place
  • Future plans

I want to give a huge shot out to Roberta for hooking up the interview.





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