65 – Proven approach to building a course selling webinar

Webinars are hard and so I asked Google how to create an effective one. 

They had five more steps in this recipe for failure. 

Lot of work to launch something based on assumptions…

There are two things we found predicts how successful a webinar will be. The RIGHT audience and MULTIPLE entry points. 

Launching a webinar to crickets is sad but so is an audience of non-buyers. 

Our approach is different. 

Step 1:

We need to connect your idea with the right people.

The way to do this is by testing creatives (angles, hooks, sub-problems, positioning etc..) against a “best first guess” audience to narrow in on ones that get attention. 

Step 2: 

What doesn’t work gets taken behind the barn and shot.

The ones that work are tested further. We are now looking to improve the audiences. One test at a time. You’re either looking for best message or best audience. Not both at same time. 

Step 3:

After we have our winning audience and 3-4 proven entry points (that are throwing their emails at us in exchange for help) then we tell the creator what messaging to use in the webinar.

Step 4:

We convert the entry points into ones that lead directly to the webinar and use the already built up audience to promote it.

*This is a process we also use for validating non-webinar courses (but with some changes depending on sales path used).

** The reason we stress building an audience the right way is because too often creators realize that they have 80,000+ followers and 3 buyers. Not ideal. 

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