23 – Easy way to increase course revenue without raising price

How to increase course revenue without raising price

One of my clients makes on average $400 for a course that is priced at a $100.

How is that possible?

Affiliate offers

I would not advise you to start an affiliate business but if (1) you already have the traffic & (2) an offer that you control & (3) the ability to seamlessly promote them…

Do it

Think of your course biz as an eco-system.

This image describes traffic and offerings that he David owns. 

What you want to do is add things that complement your offer.

So if your course helps create an outcome or transformation.

What are the tools / services that you already use or recommend to get there faster / easier?

Not all affiliate offers are equal so next I’d go over my potential earnings with each one. 


Company A: Pays $75 per purchase (one time)

Company B: Pays $15 per month (as long as user is on plan)

Is this a tool they’ll need to use for more than 5 months? If yes… go with company b.

Always try and maximize your income. 

This also gives you the ability to create low cost and free courses that will make 90-100% money from affiliate offers. 

I’d only do this to create a “gotcha” lead magnet that can be sold on marketplaces (Udemy, Amazon, Appsumo etc..)

The criteria:

Solve a small (difficult) problem that creates more problems (that your main course solves). 


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