25 – How to pitch a course that has a weak guarantee

If you’ve read the previous newsletter I spoke in-depth about pull vs push marketing (you can revisit it here). 

Quick recap:

  1. You’re either pulling someone in with your content
  2. Something that’s pushing them to search out a solution

Recently I’ve had conversations with a couple of people that have courses where they cannot guarantee outcomes.

An example of this would be “I teach you this career skill” but cannot guarantee you that it will make you more money, get you a promotion etc..

If this is you?

You’re going to need to go the “push” marketing route

This person either is going through a situation that made them aware there’s a problem, maybe they had an “oh shit” moment where external forces are pushing them or simply there’s something required of them and they’re looking for the best solution

Since you do not have the greatest ability to promise or persuade…

You do the 2nd best

Position yourself as the best solution in the place they’re searching for it

  • If paid → adwords
  • If organic → youtube (I do not recommend this paid route unless you have a large budget and proven funnel)

One that we researched was around yoga for pregnancy.

We found hundreds of promising keywords fast:

So instead of persuading or promising that this person will get pregnant. We would test the most likely to convert keywords where we position the course as the best solution to match the search intent.

Next step (as we also do have a lot of questions about SEO).

The best converting keywords are the ones you write articles around. This gives you the potential to gain two spots for that term on the 1st page of google. 

I have a friend that also buys competitor’s sites and at times owns the entire half page. There’s always more you can do.

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