60 – How to nail the your course audience

You’re not a large brand.

Coca-Cola can create branding campaigns based on demographics. Apple can. Tesla…

Just as marketing is not sales

Marketing is not the same as branding

Branding: Gets the word out to a large amount of people about you 

Marketing: Aims to attract the RIGHT people to your product

Here’s what I imagine everytime I hear someone tell me their course on how to become a consultant is made for anyone 40+ that owns a home and has a decent income

Demographics are a decent starting point but they’re not even close to being enough

Even when you sell a product to dentists on how to get more clients (which I know does poorly as the majority of them want something else)

We are told that there are three main levers we can use

  1. Make more money
  2. Save money
  3. Save time

This is true BUT there’s another question to consider or we cannot position the offer correctly

Do they love or hate what they do?

Now we’re getting closer

  • Are they looking for clients?
  • Are they looking for better staff?
  • Are they looking for less but better paying clients?
  • Do they hate their jobs and want to quit if they just had another easy income?
  • Do they want afternoons off?

Then once we decide on who we’re going to target we can go for the easy money

What is keeping this person up at night?

  • What would they search for trying to solve it?

Now you’re ready to write headlines, hooks, ads (and market with clarity)

Not easy huh?

That’s what I do (and now you as well if you’re playing marketer).

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